sampleWhat's new?  Adding more South Florida Bulls data is underway.  Please check the new and updating "Social" pages to follow the Bulls across social networks.

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Creation was created August 31, 1999 on the eve of the USF Bulls third season of football.  The site instantly grew, spawning its sister site - the popular fans message board 

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Course will not return to its days of content generation in 1999-2004.  Instead it will focus on leveraging social media and other resources along with timely original material.

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Welcome Back

Since 1999 we've been focused on building an outstanding South Florida Bulls online community that would come together to help increase interest in and support for USF Athletics. is back to help provide Bulls fans the information and involvement they seek online.  After an extended hiatus, the site returns and invites your feedback.

When the site started, online information was scarce.  It is much more abundant now.  Technology now delivers online audio and video to fans.  We'll help sort out new and fresh avenues for fans to pursue.

With Twitter and Facebook and the numbers of different news sources, there will be plenty to share.  As the site takes off you can expect a myriad of fan involvement opportunities and ways to get information and participate at events.  The site will also feature it's own ways to involve fans as illustrated back in the late 90s and early 00s.  Suggestions for site improvements are always welcome.  Please use the site email address below in the "Contact" section.

Your Requests?

Loyal visitors, I am slowly building the site and thinking of different features to include.  As you visit the site, feel free to use the email link to make me aware of what else you'd like to see.  Or, what you'd like to see less of.  It will take a while as I am amid issues on other USF sites, but I will have the site ready for football season.

Fresh Ideas

Yes, there is an absolute fluff of text on this page.  That's because, after a decade of building websites, I still can't wait to get it online.  No buildout in advance!  Just publish baby!  I can assure you I have thought through this re-launch, so there is plenty to come.  I will be spending a lot of time getting it built out and ready for fall.